The story of Chic Antique 

Chic Antique is founded in 2005 and springs from founder Bente Kienast’s passion for beautiful antiques from French flea markets. Today the business is still building upon the dream of letting unique old items from the past have a new future.

The dream occurred in the hot summers of the Mediterranean, where it is still a beloved tradition to have brocante markets in the small villages in the countryside. Bente Kienast and her husband Allan Kienast always used to find hidden treasures from the past that deserved a new chance. Lovely things with a story from the good old days when Grandma was young. A story that makes the items unique.

Today Chic Antique is a successful B2B business offering a wide range of vintage interior holding on to the Chic Antique style from the French markets. The style is both unique and rustic mixed with French romance. The items vary from kitchen, bath, garden, furniture to textiles, all of it designed in-house, and after that produced by a number of skilled manufacturers. Bente Kienast is personally involved in the development of all new collections to ensure the right vintage expression. Chic Antique sells directly to retailers and through agents and distributors in more than 55 countries. The company has more than 35 employees in the headquarter in Holbaek.

"Dreams are meant to come true, otherwise they are just dreams"

Chic Antique

When the past creates the future