Respect for our society and our world 

We believe that it is important to engage in other people. We are all part of the society – a greater whole. The ones who have the more energy and the resources must in the case they are able to help other and not laissez-faire.

Everybody deserves a change

Chic Antique is strongly concerned about holding a social responsibility which a natural term of running a business. We call it “growth with responsibility”. It is common knowledge that the world economy is out of step and is challenge, including Denmark, in spite of a sprouting progress. New educated young people find it hard to find a job and the elder too. Chic Antique is not afraid to take the lead, focus on the positive and the potential in the new educated and introduce and integrate them to the labour market. Since this is the case Chic Antique has hired a new educated academic to improve the business and make it more professional. We see a great value in these human beings who has a lifelong experience from the labourmarket. The elder has a lot to offer and is good manpower. That is our experience. We would like to be frontrunner in this struggle of keeping the golden grey employed.    

Beneath the sun

We believe that it is positive for each country’s economy and the world economy too that we support the development in the BRIC-countries. When you operate in a foreign country far away it is essential to have knowledge about the culture and traditions of the country. In that matter our owner and purchaser visit our collaborators several times a year – also in private. Several collaborators have successfully been visiting us in Denmark too. We are fascinated by our collaborator’s way of handling their job and how everything is possible – the sky is the limit.

 We are proud to be able to contribute to maintain jobs in the East and to create jobs in Denmark – especially in a time of crises. We follow the development and are very concerned with the development of society in matter of deciding where we believe that we can make a difference as a whole and to the individual human being.

The local wonder

We find it very important to care about and support the local society. In that matter we are sponsoring the local cycling talent, Jakob Egholm. Jakob is a very promising young talent, who is cycling for the Danish National under-19 cycling team and for Denmark’s most winning junior team; Team Børkop cykler – Carl Ras Roskilde Junior.

After having begun the year 2016 impressively, Jakob won the biggest victory in his career so far when he won the junior men's world championship in Quatar in october. We are so proud to be sponsor of a world champion and we congratulate Jakob with his well deserved victory. 

We look forward to following Jakob and his career in the future. 

 The supporting coin   

We support the Anti-Cancer Association in Denmark (Kræftens Bekæmpelse). Every year we can see that our support is part of the great difference that the Association is working extremely hard for every day. 

We also support the Danish hospitals clowns. They are making a great difference through laughter, plays and humour for the ill children who are sad, frustrated and sorrowful.