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"Éternel means eternal in French - and is everyday luxury made exactly for you... designed to pamper you with nourishing active ingredients and presented in a beautiful design. Every day, all the time, year round." Owner Bente Kienast

Éternel Beauty Products – developed exactly for you
Éternel is designed to nurture body and soul, and is aesthetically beautiful products that actively nurture your body. The development of Éternel has been an incredible journey that started with a wish to create amazing and beautiful products for you and your home. We have selected scents that we ourselves love and, which gives us associations to wonderful memories - and we have designed the Éternel products, so we ourselves want to have them standing in our own home. 

Our products are designed and developed in Denmark, carefully chosen for their positive qualities, documented effects and beautiful scents. We reap the benefits of natural oils, such as almond oil, jojoba oil and olive oil, which both moisturize, rejuvenate and reduce skin irritation. In other words, Éternel is everyday luxury designed to pamper you with nourishing active ingredients and beautiful design – and give you the spa treatment in your own home.

The Éternel series consists of hand care, body care and facial care, topped off with beautiful scented candles, brushes, bath gloves, lava pumice stone and much more. We have put together a wonderful series that not only looks good, but also consists of good quality ingredients. Designed to appeal to both the feminine and masculine user.