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Marrakech kitchenware

The Marrakech tableware is handmade by using old traditional methods; each piece is different and has small variations that make it charming and authentic. The small irregularities and unevenness is beautiful proof of the traditional craftsmanship. The Marrakech ceramics is skilful craftsmanship moulded to perfection by artisan hands. The Moroccan tableware is dried for several days in the sun and then baked in traditional wood-fired ovens. The glaze is then mixed by hand and each piece is hand-painted with the utmost precision, using multiple glazes to achieve the effect and colour desired by the artist, who brings the intricate designs to life. The painted ceramics are then returned to the oven for a final fire to seal the glaze. May these small pieces of art bring you lots of joy! 
Variations and individual colour differences may occur.

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