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Chic Antique Trading Terms & Conditions

We strive to ensure that our products have the same appearance, colour and shape as old, authentic and unique objects. This means that there may be rust on our metal products, minor anomalies in the glass and colour differences in other products, since many of our products are handmade. This is called patina, and we do it to preserve a perfect, unique and authentic appearance. We would like to point out that the fabric on our furniture is fire-retardant. We would also like to point out that the glass used in our furniture is ordinary glass.

Chic Antique stores and processes your personal information with the utmost caution and in accordance with applicable EU legislation, and you can request insight at any time in the information we have. When you trade with Chic Antique, you automatically accept our terms of trade, which you can read here:

Chic Antique Trade Conditions - English


Chic Antique Complaint formular - English


Chic Antique Conditions Commerciales - Français

Chic Antique Handelsbedingungen - Deutsch