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LE CRU, a great range of delicious French delicacies. All Le Cru items are carefully composed by our team of tasting experts and are made with only the very best ingredients. To achieve the true and authentic taste, our delicacies are produced in France, using old traditional methods of production. Le Cru are wonderful products of high quality, in a beautiful packaging - every single glass, lid and grinder is designed in a beautiful French country style. Bon appetit!
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LE CRU Delicacies – French tapas products

LE CRU Delicacies are French temptations that make it easy for you to create a delicious and tasty meal. The history of our French delicacies, LE CRU, goes back a long way. We have spent several years curating and sourcing this range of delicacies produced in France using traditional methods. With LE CRU delicacies, we want to focus on simple, good cooking with delicious high-quality products. LE CRU is rooted in southern European cuisine and transforms everyday cooking into a journey into new tastes and culinary experiences. All LE CRU products are carefully selected by our tasting team and are made from only the very best ingredients. And many of the delicacies are also gluten-free.

Naturally, tasty French delicacies must have gorgeous packaging, and therefore we have designed every jar, lid, grinder, etc. to fit into our Chic Antique universe. In this way, the collection supports our other Chic Antique products such as our kitchen decor and tapas boards. LE CRU doesn’t just taste heavenly, but creates a southern atmosphere in your shop and especially your customer’s kitchen. The design of our LE CRU Delicacies blends into the vast majority of homes and is so appealing that the products can easily be displayed.

Create additional sales in your shop

Purchasing our LE CRU delicacies gives you a new product group that can increase your sales. LE CRU will create synergies in your shop if you already carry related deli products in the same style. The packaging, labels and style align with that of our other kitchen decor, tapas boards and home decor. And you have the opportunity to buy a full range with our beautiful French shelving unit, so you can showcase both the delicacies and the decor items. The products are made with no or very few additives and from high quality ingredients. Half of the products are gluten-free. The products are all made according to classic French recipes.

FACTS about our tasty LE CRU Delicacies

  • • LE CRU has been developed for more than 2 years and is designed to blend in with our other products in look and style.
  • • LE CRU delicacies are made in France based on traditional production methods.
  • • LE CRU is lovely, high-quality products in beautiful packaging
  • • Every jar, lid and grinder is designed to be top quality and the look aligns perfectly with the beautiful French country style.
  • • Product labels are in Danish, German, English and French.
  • • The collection of LE CRU delicacies consists of many different varieties, such as pesto, oils, tapenades, jams, salts, wine vinegars, olives and spices.
  • • You can buy a full range incl. our exclusive French shelving unit consisting of 6 wooden shelves which showcase the delicious products perfectly.
All products are made in France by small local producers using excellent ingredients and all varieties are specially selected by our taste team. We can promise you that they are highly addictive!