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No. 3 - Apple Blossom
Top notes: Raspberry, apple and melon
Middle notes: Jasmine and rose
Base notes: Sandalwood and musk

Apple Blossom is a wonderful and lovely scent, reminiscent of a fresh spring morning, where the apple trees have just begun blossoming. Apple Blossom is an exclusive scent of apple blossom, rose and sandalwood. For example, try our amazing hand lotion for daily care of the hands. Almond- and olive oil ensure that your hands are left soft and nurtured. Or pamper yourself and your guests with an exclusive scented candle with the refreshing scent of apple blossom, rose and sandalwood. The scented candle is made of the oil from the soybean and therefore made completely from natural ingredients, which gives you a clean and beautiful light.

No. 3 - The Apple Blossom series consists of wonderful fresh products such as hand soap and hand lotion, hand cream in the most beautiful tube, body lotion and a scented candle.