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Create a new look in your home with exciting textiles in the form of pillows, plaids, blankets, tea towels, carpets, tablecloths and table runners. We have a wide selection of fabrics that create coziness and a homely feel. Whatever the season.

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Large selection of the most beautiful textiles in a wide variety of materials

Find inspiration for your interior design among our many beautiful textiles. We have a wide and varied selection of beautiful rugs, throws, pillows, curtains, tea towels, bath sheets, tablecloths and much more. Common to the many gorgeous textiles is that they are all designed by our own team and always with a focus on quality and creating the very special Chic Antique ambiance that makes our products absolutely unique. We create products for the bedroom, the living room, the bathroom and the kitchen – as well as for outdoor living. Among our many textiles you will find a wide variety of beautiful materials, such as cotton, velour, surplus yarns and much more. The many products, materials and patterns all help to create cosiness and warmth in your interior design, and together with our wide selection of French-inspired home decor, you can create the personal feel you want in your home. Whether it’s the romantic, Nordic or more rustic style you want to achieve. Or perhaps a mix of new and old. Find inspiration and your favourites on this page.

Gorgeous mattresses in beautiful colours and patterns

Among our many beautiful textiles you will also find the loveliest mattresses that are perfect for your garden, the beach, a sunbed or what have you. The mattresses are made from cotton, are available in a variety of patterns and are perfect with our other textiles, such as bath sheets, throws and pillows. Create your own oasis with many beautiful materials and patterns, whether in the garden, on the terrace, on the balcony, on the sofa or in a cosy nook. The possibilities for mixing and matching the many different textiles are endless and your imagination is the only limit. Find inspiration and just the products that best fit your shop and your customers in our B2B web shop.

Curtains and pillows with beautiful details

Among our wide variety of textiles you will also find the most beautiful curtains and pillows with unique details. A beautifully undulating hem, stripes, eyelet or decorative embroidery. Curtains help to create warmth and give your interior design a personal style. Choose the curtain and pillows that best fits your decor and combine with our other textiles to create comfort and warmth. Our many textiles can be intermixed and common to them all is that they are inspired by the southern French style and charm.