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No. 4 - White Tea
Top notes: Lemon, mandarin and grapefruit
Middle notes: Rose, carnation and Nashi pear
Base notes: Sandalwood, cedar and cashmere musk

White Tea is the classic scent that always delivers. White Tea has the most beautiful scent of lemon, mandarin, cloves and cedar. The series includes many different products, such as an exclusive hand cream that nourishes and softens your hands. The hand cream comes in a beautifully designed tube that is easy to carry on the go or beautiful to have lying in the bathroom. Or try the gentle and exfoliating face scrub, with an exclusive scent of mandarin and cedar. Apply a thin layer on the face and enjoy the cleansing and caring effect. Almond oil leaves the skin silky soft and nurtured.

No. 4 - The White Tea series consists of selected products such as an incredible day and night cream, a hand cream, a cleansing gel and a face scrub, a body oil and a scented candle.