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Our furniture range is wide and packed with beautiful and exclusive furniture. You will find something for every taste and within our 3 styles; Romantique, Nordique & Fabrique. Get lots of inspiration among our many furniture - and you might also want to take a look at our great furniture catalogue - click here.

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Furniture in French country style for your interior design

Beautiful vintage furniture in the classic French country style. Our FURNITURE category gives you a wide and inspiring selection of beautiful French vintage furniture in a reinterpreted style. Our furniture is designed in a rustic and unique style, mixed with French romantic. In this category you will find French furniture that fits into classic homes designed in French country style, but also products that can easily find a home in a more modern style. We find inspiration at French flea markets where owner Bente Kienast finds old antiques that deserve new life. Beautiful furniture with a story that makes them quite unique. We have carried forth this inspiration and history in the furniture that defines Chic Antique, and which you will find in this category.

At Chic Antique we have beautiful and durable French furniture for both indoor and outdoor use. In the category you will find everything from classic French long tables in recycled wood, dining tables, dining chairs, sofas and coffee tables to sideboards, bookshelves, consoles, chests of drawers, grocery counters, shelves and much more. Our range is wide and varied, and we always have furniture in stock for immediate delivery. With us, you’ll find plenty of French-inspired furniture for your shop to help inspire your customers. Vintage furniture exudes just the right French country style to create cosiness and a good atmosphere. A place where you want to be.

Vintage furniture that exudes French atmosphere and lifestyle

Our furniture takes you into a universe of French atmosphere and lifestyle. The style is typical vintage and based on French romantic, but we also have furniture that is more rustic and raw in style. We want our products to be combined in a mix of styles with old antiques, modern furniture, etc. Create your own look with our beautiful French country style and combine our furniture with our other home decor products to inspire customers. On our website you can also get inspiration from our showroom. You can view photos and video from this page if you click right here

Garden furniture for outdoor living

Our beautiful and exclusive garden furniture collection in bamboo is the epitome of luxury. The collection exudes a natural, retro feel and is perfect for the balcony, terrace or garden. The bamboo collection is called Lyon and is named for the beautiful French city of Lyon, which actually has more hours of sunshine than the average in France... The many hours of sunshine are the perfect match for our beautiful collection of bamboo furniture, which exudes sunshine and summer.