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Light up your home with fantastic chandeliers and lamps that sparkle and shine. Lighting is a must for your interior decoration and the right lamps will create a nice atmosphere.
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Elegant chandeliers and rustic lamps in French country style

Create light and cosiness with our stunning chandeliers and lamps. Our large selection of elegant chandeliers with prisms and gorgeous lamps in glass or factory style give you the opportunity to create just the ambiance and look to suit your home. Lighting is indispensable and helps create comfort and atmosphere, and with chandeliers and lamps from Chic Antique, the possibilities are endless.

Our beautiful chandeliers with prisms are handmade and in high quality and they come with approved cord and socket. We take pride in making sure that our chandeliers and lamps are handmade, so they get the very special and unique French-inspired distinctiveness that is the hallmark of Chic Antique. All products feature CE marking and the Energy label.

Rustic factory lamps

Our wide selection of rustic factory lamps covers both floor lamps and ceiling lamps. We have lamps in materials such as antique black and antique zinc and glass. Create your individual look in the kitchen, living room or hallway with these lovely chandeliers and lamps. Not only do they provide light but they also generate cosiness and atmosphere, and with a mix of different styles, you can create your own look – and inspire your customers. When you shop chandeliers and lamps at Chic Antique you get products that have been specially developed and designed by our owner, Bente Kienast, who is personally involved in all the collections and new developments to maintain the very special Chic Antique style and vintage look. All our products are created from a desire to craft good quality products with a focus on details. We have several different styles so there is something for every taste and every home, giving you as many sales channels as possible for your shop.