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No. 1 - Jasmine Dreams
Top notes: Lemon and peach
Middle notes: Jasmine, cardamom, white tea and rose
Base notes: Musk, cedar and amber

Jasmine Dreams is an exclusive scent of citrus, jasmine and cedar. Let yourself be seduced by this wonderful scent every day no matter what products you choose from in the series. For example, the amazing Jasmin Dreams body lotion filled with almond- and olive oil, which leaves your skin soft and nurtured. Or, the wonderful exfoliating salt body scrub with an exclusive scent of citrus, jasmine and cedar. Scrub the entire body 1-2 times a week in the bath and enjoy the soothing and softening effect. Chamomile extract and jojoba oil leave the skin silky soft and cleansed. In addition to all the exclusive and nourishing ingredients, the Éternel series is also beautifully designed and perfect for leaving out.

No. 1 - The Jasmine Dreams series consists of a lovely hand lotion, a body lotion, a salt body scrub, a hand soap, a dish soap available in two sizes and a scented candle.