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Get swept away by our new SPRING/SUMMER 2022 collection filled with sun-kissed summer moments. Our new collection will lead you on a trail of poetry through the South of France, with bohemian traces from the southern seashores and a rural ambiance found in the beautiful old villages nestled in the scenic countryside. This collection is filled with love and personality, and every item is designed with lots of Chic Antique soul - embracing light summer palettes, natural materials, and beautifully handcrafted pieces. We hope this collection will inspire you to soak up the sunshine and create beautiful summer memories that will last forever. Please welcome our newest collection

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We have been looking forward to this moment for a long time and NOW we can finally reveal some of the exciting news we have designed for you for the coming spring of 2022. We are proud to present our brand new SPRING SUMMER 2022 collection. The new collection is filled with amazing vintage- and French-inspired designs. Now, you can indulge in more than 400 new beautiful items, which you can look forward to enjoy this coming spring.

The SPRING SUMMER 2022 collection is bursting with the most wonderful spring décor for the home and garden. Our new collection invites you to relax and encourages you to find your inner peace and “hygge”, as well as to enjoy the early signs of spring. The collection comprises the most wonderful and natural materials, and throughout the entire collection you will sense a deep respect for nature combined with our focus on quality and unique details. The products are authentic and handmade – and the French inspiration is visible throughout the entire collection!

Springtime means lanterns - plenty of lanterns! Inside as well as outside. The lanterns decorates so beautifully and invites you to spend some extra time in the cozy light from the candles before you go to bed. Our SPRING SUMMER Collection offers a wide range of new lanterns in many different materials and designs - large as well as small.

When the forest is covered by a beautiful, white carpet of anemones and the beech pops out, you know for sure that spring is finally here - and so is the new SPRING SUMMER collection from Chic Antique. We have done our utmost to create the most beautiful setting for the coming of spring and it is our hope that together we will create many beautiful memories of lovely spring days and warm summer evenings.

We hope you will fall in love with our new SPRING SUMMER 2022 collection, as much as we have already done...