Chic Antique

Fairs and Showroom   

The fair season 2021 will not be as we know it. Unfortunately, several fairs have been cancelled or moved. However, we hope we will once again have the opportunity to attend many amazing fairs around Europe during 2021. Keep an eye on this page, which we will update regularly.

Until then, we are always happy to welcome you in our showroom in Holbæk, Denmark - either by physical attendance or via a private online tour. Here, of course, we offer a personal service and the opportunity to explore our newly decorated showroom filled with lots of inspiration. Just contact our Customer Service team on phone +45 59 120 121 and arrange a time to visit. We of course follow the authorities’ recommendations, wear masks, and keep a distance.

Until we can meet again at a fair, you can place your orders in either our webshop, in our showroom (physically or online), with our agents or with our Customer Service team. Please, should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us – we are happy to help!

About our beautiful showroom only 1 hour drive from Copenhagen

At our headquarters in Holbæk in the beautiful Northwest Zealand, our retailers can come and visit our wonderful showroom. The 250m2 showroom is always decorated with our latest collections, which our creative team of decorators have arranged into inspiring exhibitions. There will be many ideas to take home to your store, and several inputs on how products can be combined in new ways.

Are you already a customer or are you interested in becoming a Chic Antique retailer, feel free to call our Customer Service team and arrange a visit to our showroom. You are more than welcome to come explore our beautiful universe of vintage inspired home décor and place an order. Please make an appointment with Customer Service before arrival at:
mail or phone +45 59 120 121.

NB! Please note that the showroom is ONLY for retailers.