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No. 5 - Lavender
Bloom Top notes: A soft floral scent
Middle notes: Herbs
Base notes: Purple lavender

Lavender Bloom brings to mind the fragrant lavender fields in the south of France, where the inspiration for Chic Antique and now also Éternel has arisen. Here you get the most beautiful scent of flowers, herbs and lavender. Beautiful and soothing scents. Try for example the very effective dish soap, with an exclusive scent of lavender - that leaves your dishes sparkling clean while you enjoy the soothing scent. Or, try our universal cleaner that leaves your house fresh and clean with an exclusive and relaxing scent of lavender - and dream of the beautiful lavender fields of the south.

No. 5 - The Lavender Bloom series consists of a lovely and fragrant hand cream in an exclusive tube, a dish soap available in two sizes, a universal cleaner as well as a soothing scented candle.